We Manage All Your Bills

The cost of utilities is included in your rent; we pay your gas, electricity, water bills, internet charges and TV licence (subject to a 'fair usage' policy).

The fair usage policy is in place to prevent excessive energy use and we monitor this on a monthly basis through your meter readings.

For more details on the 'fair usage' policy, please click here.

If you manage to keep your bills to a reasonable level throughout the year, we will pay you up to £50 per person at the end of the contract – as an 'Eco Bonus'.

* Council tax is NOT included in your rent.

Please check your course start and finish dates as you are liable for council tax outside of these dates.

Full time students are exempt from council tax for the duration of their course. If you are a 3rd year student, Bristol City Council will charge you council tax from the date your course officially ends until the last day of your contract.

For all council tax enquiries, please visit the Bristol Council Website