Before you can move in, there are 3 payments that have to be received by UWE Houses; these are your holding deposit, tenancy deposit and your rent.


Once you have viewed a house and decided that you definitely want to live in it, you will need to let us know by completing an application form. For a group of six, we will need to receive 6 individual applications from each tenant.

We will then review all applications and if successful, you will be invited by UWE Houses to secure your application by paying a £100 holding deposit per person.  Payment details will be given to you and you should only pay this once you’ve been invited by UWE Houses.

Once your application and the £100 holding deposit has been received, the room will be reserved for you and we will take it off the market and no further viewings will take place. 

Refund Policy

The holding deposit of £100 is refundable upon completion of all paperwork within our specified time frame.

If tenants decide they no longer want the property, the holding deposit is returned to the landlord.

Placing a holding deposit is meant to show that a tenant is serious about renting the property in question, so tenants must make sure only to place one if they definitely want to rent the property!

If they pull out after placing it, or if an unreasonable amount of time has passed with no tenant contact, the money will go to the landlord to cover the costs they face by taking their property off the market in order to pursue the application.


Tenancy deposit: This is £300 per Occupant to cover any damage to the room and communal areas and any additional cleaning at the end of the tenancy.  We conduct an inventory when you first take the room (check-in) and also when you move out (check-out) so that the condition at both points in the tenancy is accurately recorded.

We will protect your deposit with ‘My Deposits’, which is a government Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).  Your holding deposit of £50 is returned upon successful completion of reference checks and supplying all the information listed above.

The holding deposit does not contribute to your tenancy deposit so a further £300 payment will have to be made to cover this.  Payments for the tenancy deposit will be made to the same account as the holding deposit.

Refund Policy

Your Tenancy Deposit is fully refundable at the end of the contract, less any deductions as outlined in the contract. 

In the case where the tenant requests that they are replaced by another tenant, either before the start of the contract, or during the contract, there will be deductions from the tenancy deposit to cover the administrative costs of arranging a replacement tenant and re-letting the room.

For more information on deposits, please click here.


At the start of your tenancy, we ask our tenants to set up a Standing Order Mandate (SOM), which is an instruction from you to your bank to send us a regular rental payment on the 1st of each month.  Please check that a SOM hasn’t already been set up before making a one-off payment, otherwise you may end up paying twice.

When setting up the SOM, make sure you have chosen the correct property reference code and room number i.e. 7 Vas 2 (7 Vassall Court, Room 2), otherwise you could end up paying somebody else's rent for them!

If you have to make a one-off rental payment, the easiest way is to use your internet banking service.  You should already have our bank details (which is same account used for the holding deposit and tenancy deposit); however, if you can’t find the correct account details, please call the office on 0117 911 8282 or email us on so that we can provide them for you.

Refund Policy

If an over payment is made, this will be refunded as soon as administratively possible.


Please contact the office on 0117 911 8282 or email us on if you have to make a one-off payment for anything other than your holding deposit, tenancy deposit or rent.  We can then provide you with the correct account details.

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