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Before moving in

Before you move in, there are certain things to do to finalise your tenancy:

  • You will have all returned an application form and paid your deposits
  • Your guarantor (usually a parent) will have been referenced and approved by UWE houses.  They will have also returned their guarantee form (without this, you will not be permitted to move into the house and your key will not be present at the check-in)
  • You will have each set up standing orders with your online/mobile banking.  A standing order is a regular payment from your bank to UWE houses for your rent

Moving in

On the check in day, we will complete an induction and inventory with you.  We ask that only one person to be present and this will usually be the lead tenant. 

The inventory is where we will check the condition and cleanliness of the whole house and make a record of it (paper copy and video). 

We will inspect all the rooms, furniture, and equipment and make sure that everything is as it should be. We will record any items that are missing, dirty, marked, so we know you are not responsible for them.

If the house isn't clean and in good decorative order (we aim for ‘hotel clean’ standard), it is important that you report this immediately and our team will rectify matters.

Important Information for your check in

  • We will meet one of you at the house, preferably the lead tenant. 
  • Your keys are waiting in your bedroom doors so you will need to coordinate access into the house with the lead tenant after we have completed the induction and inventory
  • You will check the inventory and report any repairs, errors, etc.
  • We advise utilities and other providers of your tenancy dates and meter readings

Induction Video

Welcome to the induction for UWE houses the purpose of this short video is to help you understand how to safely and comfortably in your new home.

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