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Moving out

For those of you moving out, you will need to clean your room and communal areas and return it to us in an acceptable condition. If you are staying on for another 12 months, please check the 'Staying on - Spring/Summer Clean' sheet below.
On the morning of check-out, we will meet one of you at the house to complete a check out inventory.  This is to record the condition of the house and to assess if there will be any deposit deductions.  Please note, we do take into account ‘fair wear and tear’ expected from normal living.

Typical things you may get a deduction for are listed below:

  • House returned to us in a dirtier state than we supplied it at check in
  • Damaged, broken or missing items that were recorded on the check in inventory
  • Replacement keys
  • Repainting of any walls (due to marks from Sellotape, blue tack, strip lights, etc.)
  • Disposal of any rubbish

Checklists for Cleaning

To get your deposit back with no deductions, you must print off and complete the following checklists:

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