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Coronavirus Advice

Frequently asked Questions

We want you to stay safe during the current coronavirus pandemic. You should follow the official advice of the NHS HERE and make your own decision about what's best for you, your housemates and your family.  You should also follow all the relevant legislation regarding permitted behaviour, for information on this please see HERE.

You need to be aware of your rights and obligations under your tenancy contract and you can find that information HERE.

What should I do if I feel ill and think I might have coronavirus?
Please follow NHS advice above. Please also let us know so we can make sure there is no accidental contact eg during a maintenance visit.
What should I do if my housemate feels ill and thinks they might have coronavirus?
Please follow the NHS advice above as if the housemate were a family member.
I am due to move into one of your houses and am worried about contamination risk with my new housemates, what should I do?
On moving in, we would advise that you practice social distancing within your house from your new housemates for 14 days.  There is a useful BBC video on how to do this here: BBC Website.
Will I still be able to have maintenance done?

We will endeavour to have a maintenance service during this period.  For urgent matters, eg boiler problems, leaks, problems with fridges, freezers, washing machines or anything critical to the security of your house, we are still operating as fully as possible.  There is a list on the .gov website below for what maintenance landlords are still expected to complete at this time.  Please report maintenance issues in the normal way, not forgetting to tell us if you are self-isolating.

Will my student finance be affected by coronavirus?
For UK students, the student loan company has promised that your next student finance instalment will be unaffected by the coronavirus situation regardless of whether your university has made alternative arrangements for teaching. For more information, please see the GOV Website.
I am having severe financial difficulties as a result of coronavirus, can you help me at all?
If you really are in financial trouble you can email us to request a hardship fund application form.  We will decide which are the most deserving cases and how to allocate the hardship fund during the first week of each month.
I'm worried that I won't be able to come in to sign my contract for the new tenancy, what should I do?
We have started using DocuSign, a company which uses e-signatures, for the signing of all the contracts so there is no need to come into our office for this.  We will also need to have a videocall with you to do the Right to Rent checks - this means we will need to videocall you for you to hold your passport/driving licence to your face so we can check that you match your photo.  This is a legal requirement, so please bear with us.
  All best wishes from UWE houses for staying safe and well - we will get through this together.
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